School of fish

Getting involved in your major is a wonderful way to make friends and establish a greater connection to your coursework and your future as a marine scientist.

  • Marine Science Club at UC Davis
    The Marine Science Club connects individuals who are passionate about marine science. The Marine Science Club aims to raise awareness and foster interest in marine science through interactive events, socials, and seminars.
  • Davis Scuba Club
    Davis Scuba is a student operated organization stationed at the University of California, Davis. The club aims to promote interest and education relating to scuba diving, marine ecology and biology, and ocean conservation, and environmental awareness. 
  • Oceanography and Marine Science at UC Davis - Facebook group
  • Art and the Oceans Club
    With the dire effects humans are having on the planet, ocean health is severely declining. Through art, we can promote sustainable living and raise awareness of the importance of healthy, biologically diverse seas. 

Resources for Emerging Ocean Scientists

This resource is intended to help you navigate experiences beyond coursework, including research, funding, internships and jobs, as well as learning about the culture of science/academia.