Careers in Geoscience

You're majoring in Geology? Great! Still choosing a major and trying to figure out whether Geology is a good fit? Learn more!

Be happy.

​​​​​​Forbes magazine lists Geology majors as the 7th most valuable college major (April 2013) – "The College Majors That Are Worth It." And in 2015, Forbes reported that "an impressive 95% of geologists out of 220,000 polled said they were satisfied with their major, the highest of any other sampled" – "Geology Students Are The Happiest On College Campus Study Finds."

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of attributes, interests and skills that you may already have, or want to cultivate through a program and career in Earth Science.

You might be curious about:
  • The history of life
  • Interactions between life and the physical environment
  • Processes that transform landscapes 
  • Natural hazards
  • Earth’s structure and movement
  • Formation and evolution of the planets and solar systems
You want to spend time:
  • Outside (in any capacity)* 
  • Conceptualizing 3D space
  • Looking at minerals, rocks, and fossils
  • Applying biology, chemistry, and physics to the world around you
  • Thinking about the bigger picture, in both space and time
You want to learn how to:
  • Reconstruct earth, climate, and life history using fossils, rocks, ice, and mud
  • Computationally model processes on Earth’s surface and at depth
  • Manage our future energy resources
  • Mitigate natural hazards and climate change

*We recognize that safety in and accessibility to outdoors spaces are highly inequitable. Lacking experience in the outdoors, or preferring indoor spaces does not preclude a career in Earth Science. Many Earth Science careers do not involve fieldwork.

Visit the following pages to explore what kinds of geoscience jobs are out there, how to discover your own interests and strengths, and how to gain skills in college in order to prepare for a career as a geoscientist.