Diversity Statement

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is committed to creating a community that respects each person as an individual. We promote diversity, creativity, and rigorous intellectual inquiry for all members of our department and the University community, through excellence in research, teaching, mentoring, and service. Diversity and excellence – in perspectives, scientific approaches, and contributions to society – are the cornerstones of our success as a department. 

The department is committed to the UC Davis Principles of Community. Earth and Planetary Sciences faculty members encourage individuals, representing all races, creeds and social circumstances, to join our community of scholars with a common interest in the world around us and beyond. Any difference among people is no excuse for misunderstanding, dissension or hatred. We reject all manifestations of discrimination based on this premise, and we are committed to giving each member of our community equitable opportunities to excel in their chosen path through life. 

If any action by a member of our community is discriminatory or shows disrespect, the action should be brought to the attention of the Chair, office manager, or a trusted member of the faculty. Such actions can also be reported to the University administration (http://reporthateandbias.ucdavis.edu).  

 - Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
September 2019