Clubs and Organizations

AIPG | American Institute of Professional Geoscientists

Student Chapter at UC Davis

Our mission. from the National Organization Website

  • advance the geological sciences and the profession of geology;
  • establish qualifications for professional geologists;
  • certify the qualifications of specific individual Member geologists to the public;
  • promote high standards of ethical conduct among its Members and Adjuncts, and within the profession of geology; and
  • represent, and advocate for, the geological profession before government and the general public.

Club membership. Admittance is guaranteed to anyone interested in advancing their professional geoscience skills. A majority of our members are geology undergraduates, but we appreciate diversity of all kinds, including subject and career status! 

Activities. We like to do a variety of speaker events, field trips, networking events, and career skill workshops, and enjoy collaboration with other campus clubs.

Officers. 2022-2023

  • President: Austin Behmer
  • Vice President: Lupita Bravo

Faculty Sponsor. Nicolas Pinter
Contact. ucdaipgpres "at"

AWG | Association for Women Geoscientists

Student Chapter at UC Davis

Our mission. From the National Chapter: "The Association for Women Geoscientists is an international organization devoted to enhancing the quality and level of participation of women in geosciences and to introduce girls and young women to geoscience careers."

Club membership. The AWG at UC Davis Student Chapteris open to anyone who supports women in science (students, faculty, staff, etc), but our programming targets mainly undergraduate and graduate students.

Activities. Currently, our activities ranges from speaker panels, writing retreats and tutoring, a mentorship program, seminars, informal outreach talks and fundraisers. We are working on developing subject-based programming with a field component.

Officers. 2022-2023

  • President: Hannah Kempf
  • Vice President: Esther Kennedy
  • Editor: Lucy Lu
  • Treasurer: Tessa Brunoir
  • Communications Coordinator: Erick Palafox
  • Undergraduate Liaison: TBD

Faculty Sponsor. TBD
Contact. awgucd_admin "at"

Geology Club at UC Davis

Our mission. The Geology Club at UC Davis unites students who are passionate for the geosciences. The Geology Club spreads awareness of the critical role geology plays in our society through firsthand education and exploration of California's diverse and beautiful geological environment with regular events and trips. 

Officers. 2023-2024

  • Co-President: Caden Williams
  • Co-President: Eduardo Alatorre Acevedo
  • Treasurer: Elias Kai Yepishin
  • Secretary: Darva Ryba
  • Event Coordinator: Audra Bastress
  • Outreach Coordinator: Victor Trujillo
  • Social Communications Director: Alayna Hudson

Faculty Sponsor. Mike Oskin
Contact. geologyclubucd "at"

Marine Science Club at UC Davis

Our mission. The Marine Science Club connects individuals who are passionate about marine science. The Marine Science Club aims to raise awareness and foster interest in marine science through interactive events, socials, and seminars.

Officers. 2022-2023

  • Co-President: Connor Galley
  • Co-President: Sam Martinez
  • Outreach Coordinator: Julia DeLamare
  • Social Media: Zoe Keeley

Faculty Sponsor. Rick Grosberg 
Contact. marinescidavis “at”