GEL Study Abroad and other Field Experiences

Students abroad

Studying, interning or volunteering abroad is an excellent way to explore the world while fulfilling requirements towards your degree.

Check the approved Geology major credit for UC Davis and UCEAP Study Abroad classes.

Visit the Global Learning Hub to find programs that fit your interests, confirm application deadlines and prerequisites, and to explore the many funding opportunities and scholarships available. Visit your major advisor to pre-approve major credit for a study abroad class, and your College advisor for General Education credit. Watch the Global Learning in Geology webinar for more information about global learning.

Geology 138: Volcanology
  • Study volcanoes in Hawaii! Geology 138: Volcanology is a course that is taught on campus for the lecture, and then goes on a week-long field trip to Hawaii to study volcanology up close. This course is not technically part of Study Abroad, and works just like any other course at UC Davis in terms of registration. It is usually taught as Summer Special Session in late August, and goes on the field trip in early September.
UC Davis Courses Abroad
  • Mathematics and Culture in Berlin – Berlin, Germany (UC Davis Summer Abroad): MAT 21B, MAT 198
    • The Geology major requires MAT 16B or 17B or 21B.
  • Bhutan—Introduction to Geographic Systems – Thimphu, Bhutan (UC Davis Summer Abroad): LDA/ABT 150, LDA/ABT 198
    • The Geology major accepts LDA/ABT 150 as an Upper Division Geology Elective.
    • LDA/ABT 198 cannot be counted toward the Geology major
  • Thermodynamics in the Land of Fire and Ice – Reykjavik, Iceland (UC Davis Summer Abroad):
    • The Geology major accepts ENG 105 as an Upper Division Geology Elective.
    • The Faculty Advisors have not approved ENG 198 to count as an Upper Division Geology Elective.
  • Summer Internships Abroad – various locations
    • Complete an internship in one of several locations in topics such as animal and veterinary science; engineering and computer science; and environment, green tech, and sustainability
UC Education Abroad Program

Search for global courses and experiences taught through the University of California System at UCEAP. Once you find a program, please reach out to your Major Advisor or Faculty Advisor for approval to count the course toward your major requirements.

  • Take a year of Physics in one summer at one of many universities around the world.
    • UCEAP Summer applications open October 1st and fill up fast, so be sure to apply as soon as it opens.
  • Linear Algebra (MATHS 2031) at the University of Glasgow in Scotland counts for the Geology major option of MAT 22A.
  • The University of Iceland offers Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Volcanology classes year-round, taught in English.
  • The Field Studies in Volcanology program taught in Sicily in the summer offers a chance to take Volcanology and Field Methods classes.
Independent Programs

Feel free to search for an Independent Program that fits your interests. If you would like major credit for courses taken through an independent program, talk to your Faculty Advisor.

  • The School for Field Studies: Spend a semester or summer abroad taking classes and conducting research relating to local environmental issues. The School for Field Studies has programs around the world where you can study ecosystems, biodiversity, wildlife management, marine resources, or many more areas relating to the environment and conservation.
Other Field Experiences