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Headshot of Mohamed Gouiza

Mohamed Gouiza
Assistant Project Scientist for CIG
Ph.D., VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands (2011)
2215 Earth & Physical Sciences | 530-752-2889
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG)

I am an Earth scientist with interests in structural geology, tectonics, and geodynamics. My research rely on the integration of field observations, geophysical data, and numerical methods to understand the processes driving lithospheric extension in rifts and rifted margins.

Lorraine Hwang photo portrait

Lorraine Hwang
Academic Coordinator for CIG
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1990)
2215 Earth & Physical Sci | 530-752-3656
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG)

Seismology, geologic carbon sequestration and induced seismicity.

Ann Russell photo portrait

Ann Russell
Associate Research Scientist, retired on recall
Ph.D., University of Washington (1994)
2211 Earth & Physical Sci | 530-752-3311

Paleoceanography and chemical oceanography. Dr. Russell's research focuses on development and application of geochemical tracers of changes in ocean chemistry, including metals and stable isotopes in foraminiferal shells, and redox-sensitive metals in bulk sediments. Ann uses these geochemical tracers to reconstruct changes in ocean temperature, carbon chemistry, and redox environment from deep-sea sediment cores.

Peter Thy photo portrait

Peter Thy
Project Scientist
Ph.D., University of Aarhus (1982)
2234 Earth & Physical Sci | 530-752-1802

Igneous petrology of gabbros and basalts. Detailed petrographic, mineralogical and chemical studies to understand petrogenesis and crystallization. Current research includes gabbroic intrusions and plateau basalts of the North Atlantic province (Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland, Iceland). Ocean gabbros and crustal formation (Indian Ocean). Ophiolites (Cyprus and Turkey). Formation of ash and slag in biomass-fueled power plants.