Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals


Support the discovery of new knowledge 

Cultivate knowledge, discovery and exploration of new ideas. Deepen our engagement and relationships with communities outside the department.

  • Nurture expertise through professional engagement, collaboration, and attracting excellent new community members.
  • Build partnerships with communities outside the department including the university, public, students, funders, EPS practitioners.

Prioritize community to sustain a reflective, positive and flexible environment that supports the well-being of all its members.

  • Develop and sustain department structures that encourage regular reflection and feedback.
  • Build and support a variety of regular community-building activities

Student Success

Grow, diversify, and enhance the value of our educational program in a way that centers student success.

  • Evaluate and modernize our curriculum and degree requirements.
  • Expand student preparation for a changing professional landscape
Financial Framework

Adapt our undergraduate, graduate, and research programs to achieve funding stability and to be nimble in responding to changes.

  • Develop a strategy to manage and increase our department budget.
  • Grow and diversify our external and campus grant funding.