Careers in Marine Science

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Marine and Coastal Science will provide students with knowledge and practical experience needed to pursue careers in marine science (government, private sector, research) and/or advanced degree programs.

The major program includes both research and internship experiences to help prepare students for these career paths. The major requires field experience, independent research or internship, and concludes with a capstone course featuring current research in marine science. These integrative experiences will require students to synthesize the interdisciplinary topics that they have encountered through this degree program.

The UC Davis Internship and Career Center provides many resources for preparing for your career and searching for jobs.
Career Exploration
Where do Marine Science students tend to work?
  • Federal government (Fish & Wildlife, Environmental Protection Agency, NOAA)
  • State and local government (Natural Resources)
  • Research facilities (Bureau of Land Management)
  • Environmental Conservation Organizations, wildlife refuges, aquatic preserves
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy)
  • Industry
  • Environmental consulting firms (Antea, ERM)
  • Universities and colleges (researcher, field technician, lab manager)
  • Education organizations (K-12 teaching, aquariums)
Where can I find internships and jobs?

Research Opportunities

Join the Oceanography and Marine Science @ UC Davis facebook group: students and alumni of UC Davis who are interested in oceanography/marine science- events, job postings, opportunities, etc.