Paleomagnetism Laboratory

The UC Davis Paleomagnetism Laboratory welcomes both in-house and outside users.

Depending on a user’s needs and expertise, we can either provide assistance in getting started with magnetic measurements or make measurements for a user. The lab is capable of providing measurements of synthetic and natural samples for studies of paleomagnetism, rock magnetism and environmental magnetism, magnetic recording media, and material science. Whether you have a basic or applied research project or whether you wish to conduct an independent or collaborative study, we encourage you to contact us.

To inquire about using the UC Davis Paleomagnetism Laboratory, send an e-mail to Ken Verosub at Please provide: 

  • The goals of your project.
  • What instruments you plan to use (see the Instrument list below).
  • When you would like to visit.
  • What types of samples you plan to measure (lithology and sample shapes/sizes).
  • If you plan to make the measurements yourself or would like us to assist.
  • Your contact information (address, e-mail, and phone).

The UC Davis Paleomagnetism Laboratory is a recharge facility. University and NSF policies require that all users of the facility, including those at UC Davis, be charged for using the laboratory. Our goal is to make the lab available and affordable to use for as many users as possible. 

The Paleomagnetism Lab is located on the 1st floor of the Earth and Physical Sciences Building, Room 1209, in a magnetically-shielded environment. Instruments include:

  • Automated, three-axis superconducting rock magnetometer for u-channel and discrete samples
  • Alternating Gradient Magnetometer (AGM): MicroMag 2900
  • Bartington Susceptibility Meters (discrete, probe, and loop)
  • Thermal Demagnetizer
  • Alternating Field Demagnetizer
  • Impulse Magnetize