Barbara Ratschbacher outside on a mountaintop.

Barbara C. Ratschbacher

Barbara C. Ratschbacher | Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Southern California (2017) | 530-752-5615
Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry, Geology

Dr. Barbara Ratschbacher’s research focuses on continental crust formation in subduction zones. In particular, she focuses on depth-dependent changes of temporal, chemical and structural crust forming processes operating throughout the arc crust. This includes the variations of: (a) sizes, construction durations and melt residence timescales of magma reservoirs, (b) depth of crustal differentiation, (c) regional-scale magma addition rates to the crust and its implication for element and volatile cycling, (d) variations of magma redox state, and (e) the interaction of magmatism and deformation in the crust. The focus of her research is primarily on intrusive rocks as they comprise the vast majority of magmas produced in arcs. Fundamental to her work is the integration of processes at various scales, from mineral chemical changes in individual intrusive bodies to arc-wide variations in deformation and magma addition rates and the integration of field studies with geochronology, petrology, geochemistry, experimental studies, structural geology, geochemical and thermal modeling, as well as the integration of extinct and active arc systems.

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