Qing-zhu Yin

Qing-zhu Yin | Professor
Ph.D., Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry (1995)
3129 Earth & Physical Sci
qyin@ucdavis.edu | 530-752-0934
GeochemistryPlanetary Science

Using extinct radioactivity and general isotopic anomalies in the early solar system recorded in primitive meteorites as a tool to study the time scales and site of nucleosynthesis, the time of formation of the solar system and planetary differentiation. Isotope and trace element geochemistry with applications to crust-mantle evolution. Heavy metal stable isotope fractionation in low temperature environments on planetary surfaces or in biological systems using newly emerging high precision mass spectrometry techniques. The development of associated experimental techniques involving high precision mass spectrometry and ultra-clean sample processing in Class-100 clean laboratories for isotope analyses.

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