Ryosuke Motani

Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada (1997)
2125 Earth & Physical Sci
rmotani@ucdavis.edu | 530-754-6284
Geobiology and Paleobiology

Major research focus is on the use of physics-based functional morphology to probe physical constraints behind the evolution of animal shapes. Questions along this line include: what made tunas, lamnid sharks, cetaceans, and ichthyosaurs all look similar in silhouette; what constraints were behind the long necks of elasmosaurs (long-necked plesiosaurs)? Complementary research topics cover phylogenetics, systematics, and their integration with physical functional morphology. Taxonomic strength is in Mesozoic marine reptiles, especially ichthyosaurs (Ichthyopterygia), and field experiences mostly in Mesozoic marine deposits.

UC Davis Vertebrate Paleobiology Lab: 3DMuseum.org