Tessa Hill standing under trees.

Tessa M. Hill

Tessa M. Hill | Professor; Associate Vice Provost for Academic Programs, Public Scholarship & Engagement
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara (2004)
1129 Earth & Physical Sci
tmhill@ucdavis.edu | 707-875-1910
Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry; Geobiology and Paleobiology

Dr. Tessa Hill graduated with a B.S. in Marine Science from Eckerd College (1999) and a Ph.D. in Marine Science from UC Santa Barbara (2004). She was then a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis, prior to starting a faculty position. Research interests include climate change, both past and present, and understanding the response of marine species to environmental perturbation. She is part of the Bodega Ocean Acidification Research  (BOAR) group at Bodega Marine Laboratory, which aims to understand the impact of ocean acidification on native species. Tessa leads an NSF-supported program with future (pre-service) K-12 science teachers to infuse their classrooms with climate change science, and an industry-academic partnership to understand the consequences of ocean acidification on shellfish farmers. Tessa is a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences and a panelist on the West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Panel.

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Oceanography Minor at UC Davis
Marine & Coastal Science Major at UC Davis