Kari M. Cooper

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (2001)
3127 Earth & Physical Sci
kmcooper@ucdavis.edu | 530-754-8826
GeologyGeochemistry and Cosmochemistry

Dr. Kari Cooper’s research focuses primarily on the timescales of magmatic processes, from melt generation and transport to storage and crystallization in crustal reservoirs. Recent work in this area has focused on combining different types of chronometers in volcanic crystals to better constrain the thermal and physical state of magmas prior to eruptions. She also has research interests in using U-series disequilibria to date carbonate cave deposits, and in tracing the distribution and abundance of crustal materials that have been recycled through the mantle. Her primary analytical tools used to address these problems include uranium-series disequilibria coupled with trace-element and isotopic measurements of rocks and minerals.

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