Congratulations to Joy Foluso, who was awarded the E-an Zen Geoscience Outreach grant from GSA!

For the fifth year (starting in 2018) the Geology and Society Division has administered the E-an Zen Geoscience Outreach Grant (also known as the E-an Zen Fund Supporting Geoscience Communication). This important GSA Award seeks to fund, annually, two projects that communicate geoscience information to the lay public with the express purpose of promoting the understanding of the geosciences and its relevance to society. The awards are in the amount of $1,500. Geology and Society Division is pleased to be able to support the following outreach projects for 2023:

Geoscience Outreach to Teenagers in Abeokuta City, Ogun State, Nigeria

Proposed by Joy Foluso, PhD, the project will enhance science literacy in high school students in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, using hands-on learning to show how geoscientists can address environmental problems resulting from anthropogenic climate change. Students will learn how to collect, analyze, interpret and present geoscientific data through their participation in a one-day workshop.