Coronavirus Visit protocol for EPS students and employees

Recommendations, updated April 12: Campus leaders recommend that students and employees get tested through the campus testing kiosk at least once per week. (Testing requirements may differ for students living in campus housing, and residents should refer to communications from Student Housing and Dining Services for specific guidance.) 
UPDATED: As of February 5th, the Daily Symptom Survey for UC Davis students or employees — with a valid UC Davis ID number — has moved to the Health-e-Messaging portal.

The doors to the Earth and Physical Sciences building will remain locked during Spring Quarter 2021.

Protocol for EPS student and employee visits to the Earth and Physical Sciences building.

  1. Before your visit: take a COVID-19 test.
    Schedule via the Health-e-Messaging PortalScreening procedure and testing kiosk hours/location
  2. Before your visit: complete a Daily Symptom Survey.*
  3. Before your visit: email your Daily Symptom Survey results to gel-survey "at"
  4. After your visit: log your room entries into the Google Sheets EPS Building Log.
    Building floor plans are available on our FAQ page under Administration & Paperwork.

*Note: If you do not have a UC Davis ID number, but do need to access campus facilities, then you should complete the Daily Symptom Survey for Visitors.

UC Davis COVID-19 Vaccine Program  | UC Davis is helping administer COVID-19 vaccines, in line with state and county guidelines. With vaccine doses in high demand, we encourage you to get the vaccine where you can.

COVID-19 Testing and Dashboards

Potential Worksite Exposure Reporting (AB 685). UC Davis will report all potential worksite exposures to COVID-19, as required by new Cal/OSHA standards (AB 685). If a qualifying individual enters a worksite and is later diagnosed with COVID-19, the information is posted to this website.

The new standard requires the university to provide notification when a potential exposure has occurred. A general email will be sent to anyone who has completed a Daily Symptom Survey within the last 14 days.

Reporting COVID-19 Concerns & Confirmed Cases

CA COVID Notify App

Face coverings. Per campus directive, cloth face coverings must be worn inside and outside where others are likely to be around. The state’s updated masking guidance (12/14/20) affects cubicle environments. In summary, people in office spaces in cubicles are now supposed to wear face coverings at all times.

Flu vaccination. October 31st, 2020, was the deadline to get your flu shot.