EPS COVID protocol

Coronavirus visit protocol for EPS students and employees

Changes to testing requirements start March 28, 2022.
Beginning March 28, students and employees who are “not current” with all of their recommended boosters will now be required to get tested every four days. COVID-19 Testing.

Protocol for EPS student and employee visits to the Earth and Physical Sciences building.

1. COVID-19 testing. Schedule via:

2. Everyone: Before your visit: complete a Daily Symptom Survey.*

3. Everyone: Before your visit: email your Daily Symptom Survey results to gel-survey "at" ucdavis.edu.

*Note: If you do not have a UC Davis ID number, but do need to access campus facilities, then you should complete the Daily Symptom Survey for Visitors.

Masks are still strongly recommended and will continue to be required at COVID-19 testing in the ARC, in healthcare settings and on public transit. Face Covering Requirements. updated March 19, 2022

Current campus testing requirements

Updated March 21: Testing requirements continue. When spring quarter classes start on March 28, these will be the adjusted testing requirements: 

  • Current on vaccine status: Students and employees who have verified in Health-e-Messaging that they are fully vaccinated and also “up to date” on recommended booster shots (per CDC guidance) must get tested at least every 14 days, if they access campus at least once per week. For those who visit less often, testing is required the same day of your visit or up to 14 days in advance.
  • Unvaccinated or not current: Students and employees who are unvaccinated or who have not received all of their recommended boosters (per CDC guidance) are required to get tested at least every four days.
  • Students who live in residence halls who are current on vaccine status are required to get tested at least every seven days. Beginning March 28, students who live in residence halls and are current on vaccine status will return to the 14-day testing requirement.

See Public Health Policies and Spring Quarter Guidance for additional details.

Walk-in appointments are available for employees and students at Healthy Davis Together/Healthy Yolo Together locations. UC Davis students and employees must walk-in and identify as "UC Davis" to get tracked for asymptomatic testing. Check hours of operation.

Face coverings and other UC Davis required healthy behaviors.

UC Davis’ public health policies and requirements that all affiliates and visitors must follow, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on property owned/leased by UC Davis.

UC Davis Information for Classroom Instruction

UC Davis COVID-19 Vaccine Program  | UC Davis is helping administer COVID-19 vaccines, in line with state and county guidelines. With vaccine doses in high demand, we encourage you to get the vaccine where you can.

Medical or ADA Accommodations | Individuals with personal health issues who cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine should seek a medical exception to the vaccine mandate as soon as possible. The deadline to comply with the mandate is September 1 for UC Davis Health and September 8 for all of UC Davis. Details about how to secure a medical exception are on the Campus Ready website.

Health-e-Messaging Portal | Make an appointment:

COVID-19 Testing and Dashboards

Potential Worksite Exposure Reporting (AB 685). UC Davis will report all potential worksite exposures to COVID-19, as required by new Cal/OSHA standards (AB 685). If a qualifying individual enters a worksite and is later diagnosed with COVID-19, the information is posted to this website.

The new standard requires the university to provide notification when a potential exposure has occurred. A general email will be sent to anyone who has completed a Daily Symptom Survey within the last 14 days.

Reporting COVID-19 Concerns & Confirmed Cases

CA COVID Notify App

Flu vaccination. November 19, 2021 was the deadline to be vaccinated or to sign the declination form.